Re: new config component

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi all!
> We've got, at last, the first config component working. Nick has made a
> lib which contains a GtkODBCConfig widget, which is then loaded by the
> gda ODBC config component (gda-odbc-server/gda-odbc-config-main.c, look
> at this as a template for the other config components).
> To compile it, you must install unixODBC and the latest gODBCConfig
> widget (which Nick can send to you, or is it in the
> unixODBC CVS server?). I had to make some changes to the gODBCConfig
> widget to make it work, but apart from this, it worked!!!!! Get in
> contact with Nick or with me to know what you must change, if it's not
> yet on CVS.
> Of course, you'll also need bonobo-0.10 (as I said the other day, I can
> send RPMs to you if you want).
> Cheers!

In case anyone wants to have a play, the fixed (I hope) code can be found
at ftp::/ apply
this in the gODBCConfig directory in unixODBC and ./configure and make
install. You will need to have installed unixODBC first.


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