I'm fixing up some stuff in the MySQL server as far as date/time handling,
however, I can't seem to figure out what GDA_Date appears to be a
long value, however, it isn't documented what that is (ie. GDA_Date ?=
seconds since epoch, GDA_Date ?= seconds since 1900?). I figured other the
others, they're pretty straightforward. :)

BTW, with all of the talk of Bonobo components and such (which I'll admit
I'm not familiar with, but I'll study up on that when I've got the MySQL
stuff working, or PostgreSQL has something working, I'll steal from them
:), I was wondering, are we going to have a table browser anytime soon?
(ie. similar to the Table/Datasheet view in Access) Maybe that's what
you're talking about, maybe not. Just wondering. It'll make it easier for
me to test my conversion routines.

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