new front end

Hi all!

The new front end is starting to be quite useful. Right now, you can
issue SQL commands and browse your database. I am finding very well done
all the client libs (I know it's not fair for me to say this, but), and
this is helping a lot in making the new front end quite usable with few
lines of code. The big functionality is already on the libs, so if you
want to learn how to program your apps with gnome-db, have a look at it,
it is right now the best sample application, since the old front end
contains some duplicated code, and is a bit messy.

So, if you've got bonobo (0.10 minimum, which is the current
CVS version, I' ve got RPMs so tell me if you want them), try it, and
tell me if you like the new look, or what would you add/remove, etc?


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