new front end

Hi all!

Due to the need of including bonobo all over gnome-db, I'm thinking on
rewriting the fe. My idea is to have something similar to what gnumeric
does with bonobo. That is, monikers. Thus, another application can send
a query (a bonobo query, not a SQL query) of the form:


[the format is not like this, it's just an example]

and gdafe will return the contents of the given grid. This can be
extended to send complete SQL queries (or XML queries, etc), so that
external apps can use gnome-db without even using the API.

For this, gdafe needs to implement a BonoboContainer, and right now,
trying to add this to the current code will be a pain in the ass, and I
will mess it more than it is right now. Of course, both versions will be
available (RPMs will only include the old gdafe), and we'll drop the
current gdafe from CVS not before bonobo is included as part of

So, if nobody complains, I'll start over.

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