Re: GDA_Date??

Chris Wiegand wrote:

> I'm fixing up some stuff in the MySQL server as far as date/time handling,
> however, I can't seem to figure out what GDA_Date appears to be a
> long value, however, it isn't documented what that is (ie. GDA_Date ?=
> seconds since epoch, GDA_Date ?= seconds since 1900?). I figured other the
> others, they're pretty straightforward. :)

It is a long value, but its contents are not yet specified. This is one of
the values that is missing, so what suggestions you've got for this type?
What should it contain?

> BTW, with all of the talk of Bonobo components and such (which I'll admit
> I'm not familiar with, but I'll study up on that when I've got the MySQL
> stuff working, or PostgreSQL has something working, I'll steal from them
> :), I was wondering, are we going to have a table browser anytime soon?
> (ie. similar to the Table/Datasheet view in Access) Maybe that's what
> you're talking about, maybe not. Just wondering. It'll make it easier for
> me to test my conversion routines.

You've got the GnomeDbBrowser widget, which does not only shows tables, but
procedures, views, types, ... any object present in the database. It is a bit
ugly right now, but I'll be improving it very soon.

What we were talking about bonobo is to provide a component which will be
inserted in a BonoboContainer, and which will allow to config the underlying
database (that is, create data sources for THIS database, add users, grant
permissions, ....)

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