Bug: mysql build configuration


On my system, I have mySQL installed in /usr/mysql, so I pass
"--with-mysql=/usr/mysql" to configure.  This causes a problem however:
- gda-mysql-server/Makefile contains "MYSQLINCLUDES =
- gda-mysql-types.h and gda-mysql-connection.c contain "#include
This is clearly a conflict.  Either the path should be "/usr/mysql/include"
or the $include's should reference "<mysql.h>".  I'm not sure which solution
is better, probably the makefile generation should be fixed.

Sorry for not providing a patch, but I don't know how autogen/etc. works,
and just don't havr time to learn it right now.  It's not a showstopper,
because I can just edit the generated makefile.

-- Dave

Dave Seidel

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