Re: GnomeDbReport

> >       So, yes why not working together on the XML DTD for SQL statements, then
> > you'll write the library for getting/saving such statements and I will do my
> > own library for getting/saving whole reports, ie using yours for SQL, and
> > some other code for the XML presentation file. (I think it's not a good to
> > have both in the same library because your code would be more general
> > purpose, no ? Your primary goal is something else, that does not need report
> > presentation loading facilities... Tell me if I'm wrong)
> >
> I think Rodrigo agreed with me to name my work library libgda-common (because I
> need that lib to be used by both the clients and the providers). So you can do
> your own lib for all the reports stuff, and then link to mine. So I agree with
> you on all this.

Yes, I agree. In fact, if you want to start working now, I can add the directory to CVS.

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