Re: Question about gnome-db...

> On another part, gnome-db wants to provide to another kind of programers the
> ability to use data bound components, much in the way Delphi, C++ Builder,
> Visual Basic and many others do as well. but those component would be
> plugged together with the other gnome components like the gnome-canvas for
> instance. I mean, gnome-db by itself wouldn't evolve in a development
> platform like access. (at least I dont think so... I don't see the benefit
> of it).

Well, it will be a development environment for database apps, that what I was
talking about in my previous mail (app server stuff).

> so gnome-db goes in various directions :
> ---> gnome-db-server specifications and devel toolkit.
> |  |-----> gnome-db servers (there is an infinity of them, so none of us is
> a specific goal, but all of them are to be included in gnome-db)

Yes, and as much as there are, the most people will use gnome-db.

> |  |-----> gnome-db servers tools (servers admin, ... whatever)
> |  |------> gnome-db specific servers tools. (such as odbc admin)
> |---> gnome-db-widgets specifications and devel toolkit
> |  |------> gnome-db-base-widgets (again, lot of them, none is a goal, but
> we want them all here)
> |---> gnome-db-apps
>    |-----> sample tutorial apps
>    |-----> general purpose useful apps (like a universal SQL app to query
> any db for instance...)
> (Ricardo.. if I am so wrong I appologize.. that's how I understood it so
> far)

Rodrigo, not Ricardo. You're not wrong at all, you did understand it very well.
The only thing you forgot is the development framework, which will sit on top of
all these:

|-> gda application interface (CORBA server)
|->gda builder libs (CORBA client)
|------> gda builder apps

I havent't started too much on this, so if lots of people blame me because they
don't want any development stuff (apart from the basic structure Olivier has
very well described), I'll stop what I've done so far. But my idea is to make
gnome-db a complete framework for execution of database-oriented apps, some sort
of application server.


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