Re: Question about gnome-db...

> That's part of why I'm interested in Gnome/Gnumeric/Gnome-DB project. So
> I can show them what exist right now, and
> what we'll have in a few months.

Great! But, please tell them that gnome-db is still in development, it's usable,
but still in development.

> What I would like to see in Gnome, is a product that can do things like
> Access as easily.

We're working to do it, not to do the same as Access, but to provide features
anyone would expect in modern database access application. You may check the gdafe
app, and tell us what you think is missing. Consider that gnome-db has not been
used by too many users up-to-date, so I haven't received too many suggestions on
how to do or add anything.

> One day Miguel told in a presentation : "People tend to think that
> everything that comes out of Redmond is shit, but they can produce some
> good thing". I do think the same way.

I also think the same, office is great, OLE/ActiveX is great...

> On the other way, I understand that gnome-db is a much more important
> work. Once upon a time, people did things because they wanted to do.
> Now, do you think it is still viable ?

It is, look at the GNOME project

> I really think that your job is probably the most important think done
> for Linux and common user. When they'll see what we'll do, they'll be
> convinced.

I hope they'll be convinced.

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