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Salut Bruno....
First, I don't think gnumeric aims to be an exact replic of Excel...
I think it wants to enhance it. Better said, one of its aims is to be as
muchas possible,
fully compatible with it. (at list that's what I think).
On its part gnome-db's aim is wider than that...
As you're saying, it is a dtabase frontend.. but the goal is to make it a
front end to any database,
thus, the dificulties you are telling about..
So.. in a way Access compatibility is one of the goals.. but not as directly
as it is with Gnumeric/Excel which are too specifics...
gnome-db, of course wants to be abble to give "Access access", but it is not
a goal.
the goal is to give the framework, so that someone could create the Access
On another part, gnome-db wants to provide to another kind of programers the
ability to use data bound components, much in the way Delphi, C++ Builder,
Visual Basic and many others do as well. but those component would be
plugged together with the other gnome components like the gnome-canvas for
instance. I mean, gnome-db by itself wouldn't evolve in a development
platform like access. (at least I dont think so... I don't see the benefit
of it).
so gnome-db goes in various directions :
---> gnome-db-server specifications and devel toolkit.
|  |-----> gnome-db servers (there is an infinity of them, so none of us is
a specific goal, but all of them are to be included in gnome-db)
|  |-----> gnome-db servers tools (servers admin, ... whatever)
|  |------> gnome-db specific servers tools. (such as odbc admin)
|---> gnome-db-widgets specifications and devel toolkit
|  |------> gnome-db-base-widgets (again, lot of them, none is a goal, but
we want them all here)
|---> gnome-db-apps
   |-----> sample tutorial apps
   |-----> general purpose useful apps (like a universal SQL app to query
any db for instance...)

(Ricardo.. if I am so wrong I appologize.. that's how I understood it so

There is a reasonably high probability that this doen't answer your question
Bruno, if I misunderstood your question, I'm sorry.


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Asunto: Question about gnome-db...

>I wondered something...
>I do know that Gnumeric intends to be the exact replic of MS Excel. What
>I would like to know is : Is it also the case for gnome-db, to behave
>the most like MS Access ?
>I don't want to discuss the principle. Just to know if yes or no. It is
>very important for me.
>After reading documentation about gnome-db, I can say that the goal is
>to be a "frontend" to database engine.
>Access is more than that because is does the indexation and so on
>(poorly, but...)
>After having gnome-db correctly installed and working, I might be
>interested very well by helping the project in this direction, if it is
>the case.
>Designing an abstract layer for database design is very difficult,
>because all db engines doesn't support the same function. For example
>MySQL doesn't support transaction (so we have to implement them).
>Could someone enlighten me or point me toward a link ?
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