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The provisional timetable as I see it is for a blank (ie no new additions) to 
be done in Feb, just so that we can be sure the process as we do it will 
result in a bootable CD, and then progressive additions in March/April/May, 
adding programs one by one, and testing each time.  Parallel with that, 
tutorials/howtos need to be written for each program, and corrected.  (These 
might also be repurposed into a print book-and-CD pack - I'm looking into the 
costs of that, but an on-demand publisher will only need around 6 weeks.)  
Then, around end-June, we have a freeze; then or before then we need to start 
looking for funding (and I continue to believe we have the best chance of 
getting that if we are constituted as some sort of (at least informal) group 
- perhaps we could call it something like Brodor).  This should leave most of 
July to copy disks (on our own PCs if necessary), so that we get a couple of 
hundred for the Eisteddfod.  But the March-May testing and docs are the most 
important thing we need to focus on.

That's one reason why I still favour Knoppix - it's been out 2 years and is 
stable, most of the bugs are documented, and it's got a good community.  But 
I'm willing to be dissuaded.  PCL, Mepis, Slax and even Lindows also come to 
mind.  One problem is whether the desktop will be changeable in the final CD 
- I'm not sure how many of these liveCDs allow for that, since most of them 
seem to use KDE by default.  The options are then (i) do two separate CDs (a 
la Knoppix/Gnoppix), which would be a bit of a pain, and confusing to users, 
or (ii) allow desktop switching, with a heck of a lot of testing to ensure it 
works (this may not be a trivial task). 

I am very interested in the USB stick idea, and that might be another deciding 
factor in choosing a model.  However, there are also problems with it.  Older 
PCs will not have USB ports, and some USB sticks are problematic to mount on 
Linux.  But the USP on this would be quite compelling, as you say, along the 
lines of "let your pupils use their data anywhere, without retooling your IT 
Dept, and at minimal cost."

Going back to David's point, the cynic in me wonders whether upgrading will 
come into Welsh Windows somewhere, - perhaps along the lines of "all you need 
to do is upgrade your systems to Office 2003, and you can immediately take 
advantage of the new Welsh-language interface".  But hopefully BIG has 
specified that earlier editions of Office need to be supported too ...


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly - Meddalwedd Rhydd yn Gymraeg

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