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Hi Telsa

You shouldn't have answered so quick - now everyone else will go back to 

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 10:23 am, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 09:54:15AM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly 
> Everything that's not in developer-libs and desktop is not
> tied to the six-month schedule. (Necessarily, at least.) And
> they were not released as part of Gnome 2.4. So they do not
> appear on the 2.4 status pages.

Ah, I see.

> The next target will be 2.6, so the next page to care about is
> ..which lists them all, and is the new version of the page
> you were expecting to see.

OK, I'll change the link and adjust the text.

> The 2.6 in the URL is a bit of a misnomer. It's "current", really.
> But this way, when 2.6 comes out, the page URL remains constant,
> desktop and developer-libs will remain available from that page;
> and office and friends will move to the 2.8 pages.

> > Of course, this means that you can say Gnome is 100% complete instead of
> > 39%
> >
> > :-)  Certainly a good marketing angle .....
> True. :)

Well, no - you're down to 35% now :-)  Hey, could someone persuade the website 
guys to add another line of code to do the totals on that table?  I keep 
having to use my calculator, and I'm wasting 36 seconds of my life every time 
I do it ....

> On the subject of Evolution, did you send me or Daf the Kyfieithu
> contributions? If you haven't, could you do so (with the list of
> names for the contributor list)? Then we can get that down to
> manageable size. (I hope you haven't yet, actually. If you have,
> it means we still have another two thousand strings left in it!)

What sparked the above was trying to see if Evo was in fact done, before I 
tidy it.  I'll try and send it this week.  I've been in hibernation this 

> > Oh no - even better:  do you know that if I install Gnome2 stuff on my PC
> > I get crappy yukky fonts on it (either titchy Courier or gigantic
> > sans-serif)? And that if I then install gnome-settings-daemon and gconf2,
> > I can beautify these fonts most excellently, but my KDE fonts then get
> > set to size 16?  Not only that, my desktop gets overwritten by Nautilus
> > (I presume), even if I tell it not to in gconf2!!!.  How's that for
> > playing nicely???  Hmm???
> Details, details. 

You shouldn't need details!  My word is my bond!

> What distro? What version of the distro? 

SuSE (sorry, SUSE) 8.2, of course.  Don't tell me you didn't know!

> Where did
> you get the Gnome packages and if you built them yourself, how did
> you do it? 

Of course I didn't do it myself - what do you think I am: a genius?  I got 
them from, and they're reportedly very good, 
but James can't replicate the error, even though it's been reported by 
several people (probably just the sarky sad types like me).

> Did you have to tinker? 

Tinker?  Tinker, you say?  Do I look like I have time to tinker?

> Do you have 'extra' fonts? 


> The free Vera ones, the MS ones that people install, etc? 


> Does this
> happen for all users, or just your normal one? 

Phwaah - do you think I'm going to risk this for all users?

> What about with a
> newly-created test user?

Too much bother - I'd rather just whinge :-)  I might try that when I can 
afford to shut down all my stuff, but first I'm going to try the 
anti-aliasing thing.

> Nautilus overwriting the desktop is a bug as far as I am concerned :)

Difficult to say, as yet.

> We're trying. They're trying. :)

Yes, that was why it was a bit disappointing - the first time in 5 years I 
can't run the GIMP in KDE and have it looking reasonable.


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly - Meddalwedd Rydd yn Gymraeg

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