[gnome-cy] [Announce] v0.2 of Kartouche released

v0.2 of Kartouche has just been released, and is available for download from:

The manual is available online at http://www.kyfieithu.co.uk/manual.html.

The new release includes many enhancements over the (unreleased) v0.1 that is 
currently on the KGyfieithu site. In particular:

 One-pass acceptance or deletion of submitted suggestions is now possible 
(based on code from Frikkie Thirion), instead of having to accept suggestions 
first, and then delete unwanted ones. 

 Kartouche error messages now come up in the interface language (not all do so 
yet - this is a matter of finding time to go through the rest of the code). 

 Translation progress bars are now generated on the fly, and don't create 
static images; they have also been added to the relevant admin page. 

 The user table selection page now has a switch to show untranslated records 

 The admin table selection page now has switches to show translated records 
only, untranslated records only, and suggestions only. 

 Po files can now be exported directly from the user pages for editing on the 
local PC - this is based on an idea by Dafydd Harries. (Note that the exports 
will not include translation suggestions - only comments, msgids and 
msgstrs.) At present this functionality exists alongside the earlier export 
to a file, but that may be discontinued in later versions, since the new 
export to screen is easier to use. 

 "Hall of Fame" functionality allows contributors to each file to be logged, 
and then provides a detailed breakdown of contributions by file and 
individual, down to the actual string translated. 

 An alternative user interface for entering suggestions is provided, based on 
an idea from a French group. It may be preferable when long strings are to be 
translated, but because it is harder to read where short strings are 
concerned, it is not made the default. 

 "Omnivore" functionality allows all msgid/msgstr entries to any files that 
have passed through Kartouche to be maintained in a translations dictionary. 
Translated po files from other sources can also be fed in by loading them 
temporarily into Kartouche. Searches can be done in either language, in 
either direction. The initial Omnivore page now lists the number of 
translations from each source file. The Omnivore tables are now held in a 
separate database from the Kartouche tables, for ease of backup and 
deployment elsewhere. 

 The Omnivore data (currently only in msgid->msgstr direction) can now be made 
available via a sidebar entry in Mozilla. 

 The manual is revised and extended (although more material still has to be 
added to it), and is now available only in HTML format.

KGyfieithu will be moved over to the new software in the next week.


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly

www.kyfieithu.co.uk - Meddalwedd Rydd yn Gymraeg

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