Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome shrinks???

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 09:54:15AM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Does anyone know why the page giving progress on the various groups of 
> packages:
> has shrunk to show only two?  There used to be at least 7 or 8, 
> didn't there?  Where, for example, is the much-vaunted Evo?  I think 
> we should know .....

developer-libs and desktop are the two groups which are 'Official'
Gnome, and the ones which get released every six months. Gnome 2.4
is the latest release of that. 

The others:

developer-app contains.. well, tools for developing. An IDE, a
hex editor, glade, a memory profiler, and a couple of others I 
have never looked at.

office contains office apps and libraries which the office apps
need. Gnumeric is the bulk of this, and bigger than all the rest
put together. Daf seems to think we should translate this whilst
we wait for the hacking (and string-changing) frenzy to start. :) 

fifth-toe and extras are a bit more difficult to describe. fifth-toe
was a name which made sense when we had fewer users and they all
knew that the Gnome foot had only four toes. It's stuff that for
one reason or another isn't in the main release. Perhaps its
a duplicate (galeon lives there, whilst epiphany got into the
main stuff). A lot of it is stuff which has been around for ages,
and people think of it as part of gnome even if it was never 
officially included by all distros. And when it's not included,
they complain :) 

extras is "everything else". If it's in Gnome CVS and has translatable
strings, it lives here. Some of it is not really not intended for
widespread distribution. Few end-users will be interested in
gnome-glossary, for example, which is a list of technical terms
used in strings and docs and what they mean and don't mean. 
I am not sure gnome-mud (in there too) has ever had a formal
release. But if it's in Gnome CVS and the maintainer wants
translations, it needs to be in extras so people can look at
the table and see it exists. Few people want to translate
everything in extras. However, it's common for translators to say
"ooh, my favourite client/applet/add-on is not in my language,
I must fix that!" and grab it and do so. (Very common when it
comes to some of the games :))

Evolution is in extras. It is not on the same sort of release
schedule as Gnome proper, and at one stage still relied on the
Gnome 1.4 libraries whilst everything else had moved to the
Gnome 2 libraries. It has caught up now, as far as I know. 

Everything that's not in developer-libs and desktop is not
tied to the six-month schedule. (Necessarily, at least.) And
they were not released as part of Gnome 2.4. So they do not
appear on the 2.4 status pages. 

The next target will be 2.6, so the next page to care about is
..which lists them all, and is the new version of the page 
you were expecting to see. 

The 2.6 in the URL is a bit of a misnomer. It's "current", really.
But this way, when 2.6 comes out, the page URL remains constant,
desktop and developer-libs will remain available from that page;
and office and friends will move to the 2.8 pages. 

I think! Certainly, thinking of it as "current" works for me.

The 2.4 pages should not change without warning, because even
though the release is out and string bugs can be fixed, the 
maintainers are expected to warn gnome-i18n list before they
change 2.4 strings. 

> Of course, this means that you can say Gnome is 100% complete instead of 39% 
> :-)  Certainly a good marketing angle .....

True. :) 

On the subject of Evolution, did you send me or Daf the Kyfieithu
contributions? If you haven't, could you do so (with the list of
names for the contributor list)? Then we can get that down to 
manageable size. (I hope you haven't yet, actually. If you have,
it means we still have another two thousand strings left in it!)

> By the way, has this list gone to sleep?  I'll have to say something outré 
> about terms, and provoke a slew of posts :-)

> Oh no - even better:  do you know that if I install Gnome2 stuff on my PC I 
> get crappy yukky fonts on it (either titchy Courier or gigantic sans-serif)?  
> And that if I then install gnome-settings-daemon and gconf2, I can beautify 
> these fonts most excellently, but my KDE fonts then get set to size 16?  Not 
> only that, my desktop gets overwritten by Nautilus (I presume), even if I 
> tell it not to in gconf2!!!.  How's that for playing nicely???  Hmm???

Details, details. What distro? What version of the distro? Where did
you get the Gnome packages and if you built them yourself, how did 
you do it? Did you have to tinker? Do you have 'extra' fonts? The
free Vera ones, the MS ones that people install, etc? Does this
happen for all users, or just your normal one? What about with a
newly-created test user? 

"crappy yukky fonts on it" -- is "it" Gnome, KDE, the console, 
failsafe sessions in X, any or neither?

Nautilus overwriting the desktop is a bug as far as I am concerned :) 

Btw, I know _nothing_ about fonts, and probably can't help. But I
do know the questions people will ask! 

> (I should add that not everyone gets this effect, but there have been 
> a fair number of people on the SuSE list reporting it.  Someone has 
> just posted to say that turning off anti-aliasing in both KDE and QT 
> seems to resolve it (and for some [Gnome-related??] reason you still 
> get anti-aliasing in KDE), so I'm going to try that.   Not a good 
> advert for interdesktop harmony, though...)

We're trying. They're trying. :) 


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