[gnome-cy] Gnome shrinks???

Does anyone know why the page giving progress on the various groups of 
has shrunk to show only two?  There used to be at least 7 or 8, didn't there?  
Where, for example, is the much-vaunted Evo?  I think we should know .....

Of course, this means that you can say Gnome is 100% complete instead of 39% 
:-)  Certainly a good marketing angle .....

By the way, has this list gone to sleep?  I'll have to say something outr�about terms, and provoke a slew of posts :-)

Oh no - even better:  do you know that if I install Gnome2 stuff on my PC I 
get crappy yukky fonts on it (either titchy Courier or gigantic sans-serif)?  
And that if I then install gnome-settings-daemon and gconf2, I can beautify 
these fonts most excellently, but my KDE fonts then get set to size 16?  Not 
only that, my desktop gets overwritten by Nautilus (I presume), even if I 
tell it not to in gconf2!!!.  How's that for playing nicely???  Hmm???

(I should add that not everyone gets this effect, but there have been a fair 
number of people on the SuSE list reporting it.  Someone has just posted to 
say that turning off anti-aliasing in both KDE and QT seems to resolve it 
(and for some [Gnome-related??] reason you still get anti-aliasing in KDE), 
so I'm going to try that.   Not a good advert for interdesktop harmony, 

Will this desparate troll work?  Will we see more traffic on this list?  Tune 
in for next week's exciting adventure......


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly

www.kyfieithu.co.uk - Meddalwedd Rydd yn Gymraeg

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