[gnome-cy] Gwersyll Cyntaf/Basecamp

I'm having to double-take every so often as I write this, because my PC is now 
running Engraeg, a strange sort of English mottled with large chunks of 
Welsh, particularly in the basic plumbing (eg file save dialogs).  After some 
faffing about (due mainly to a refusal to see what was in front of my eyes), 
I now have cy_GB.UTF-8 on the PC, and Engraeg on KDE.  For those interested, 
screenshots are on the KGyfieithu site, along with an interim download (with 
full instructions). Having it up and running certainly makes it a lot easier 
to grep for mistakes :-), and I'd be grateful if anyone who has the 
inclination to test this could do so by using the interim build.

One benefit of going into this in a bit more detail was that I found the 
reason why the keys for accented characters would not work when I changed 
from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.  I had set up the new encoding as cy_GB.utf8, which 
I think is probably what it would be on Red Hat, but the SuSE version is 
actually cy_GB.UTF-8.  With the mis-spelling the compose.dir file's mapping 
was not working.  I also find that whereas before you could enter accent and 
character OR character and accent with ISO-8859-1, only the former seems to 
work now with UTF-8.  Interesting.   

The latest commits leave both KDE and Gnome at 12% translated, and the 
relevant progress pages are now linked on the KGyfieithu front page (as are 
the gnomecy and e-gymraeg lists).  This gives a greater sense of momentum.  
(I'm wondering if it's possible to scrape the best data off their PHP pages, 
so that the main items can be summarised on a nice graph on the front page.)  
Anyway, a Welsh desktop now seems to be only a matter of time.

I have uploaded new KDE files for the next (Basecamp) sub-project, and deleted 
all the Gnome files which were either (a) shown as complete on KGyfieithu, or 
(b) shown as incomplete on KGyfieithu but complete on Gnome CVS - this leaves 
8 partially-completed files.  if you want any other Gnome files up there, 
just let me have them.  

Best wishes


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