[gnome-cy] "patch" and "layout"

What are people using for patch?
(cloth) patch = clwt/clytyn
(upgrade/fix) patch = cywiriad (used once on Omnivore, probably by Rhoslyn)
(sequencer/music) patch (eg drum patch): not the same as the above, but more a 
list of settings for that instrument - I am going to suggest "gosodlen" for 
this.  Any views?

This comes up because I have just finished translating Rosegarden (but I can't 
get the blighter to show up on KDE, so no screenshots yet), and I'm doing a 
guitar tab app now.  Talk about computers having lots of technical terms!

On another word, what are people using for "layout", as in layout of the 
screen, layout of items on a DTP page, etc?  "Gosodiad" is already being used 
for "installation/setting".  I was wondering about "haenlun" (layer-picture), 
which seems to catch the idea OK.

Best wishes


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