[gnome-cy] GNOME status update; going away

Currently, the following items remain in the desktop group for GNOME

- gcalctool has none of its 307 strings translated
- gdm2 has 580 untranslated strings out of 665
- ggv has none of its 277 strings translated
- gnome-control-centre is missing a single string that's a pangram
- gnome-games has 295 untranslated strings out of 1017
- gnomemeeting has none of its 672 strings translated
- gnopernicus is troublesome and is off limits until we hear more from
  the gnome-i18n list or after the string freeze
  (it currently seems to have about 931 strings)
- gok has none of its 273 strings translated
- gucharmap has none of its 230 strings translated
- libgnomeprint is missing a single string that's a pangram
- libgtop has none of its 310 string translated
- metacity has 190 untranslated strings out of 412
- totem has none of its 280 strings translated

By my calculations, we have roughly 4347 strings to translate before we
have finished all esential GNOME strings. If that sounds like a lot,
don't worry. We have already translated over 12,000 strings for Desktop
and over 16,000 in total. We have managed to do this while keeping the
number of fuzzies down very low. (By my reckoning, we have 10 of them -
far better than most other groups.)

Take heart! for we have already finished atk, at-spi, gconf, glib,
gnome-mime-data, gnome-vfs, gtk+, libbonobo, libbonoboui, libgnome,
libgnomecanvass, libgnomeui, acme, bug-buddy, eel, eog, epiphany,
file-roller, gcalctool, gconf-editor, gedit, gnome-applets,
gnome-desktop, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-mag, gnome-media, gnome-panel,
gnome-session, gnome-terminal, gnome-themes, gnome-utils, gpdf,
gtksrouceview, libgnomeprintui, libwnck, nautilus-cd-burner,
nautilus-media, procman, vte, yelp and zenity. And, in the process, we
have in places improved the original strings.

We are starting to be more careful about declaring "ownership" of
packages, to avoid stepping on each others' toes. Currently,
gcalctool (Telsa), gnome-games (Daf), gok (Chris), libgtop (Daf) and
metacity (Daf) are under ownership. It would be silly to work on these
modules since other people already are. Temporarily, we are keeping
track of ownership in a rather clumsy fashion on my status page
(http://muse.19inch.net/~daf/gnome-cy/po-status.pl). I suggest you
make an announcement if you want to take ownership of a file to the IRC
channel or the mailing list or both. This is especially true for the
next week or so since I will be away for the duration. It would also be
good to make a small announcement if you finish a package or otherwise
relinquish ownership of it. As usual, Telsa and I can commit stuff.

We are planning to send more things to Kyfieithu. Others will have to
decide what in my absence.

I think we should aim to finish the essential strings by the middle of
August. This is to allow plenty of time for everything to be ready for
the release on the 4th of September. Packages will be made *before* this
date, possibly by a fair margin, so we have to be finished beforehand.
This will also give us time to review our translations for mistakes and
inconsistencies. (This can be partly automated.) It would be a shame if
we finished all the essential strings and got them in the 2.4 release
only to find that there was a glaringly obvious typo!

Don't worry about small amounts of fuzzies and untranslated strings
turning up in packages that have been completed. They will be taken care
of. (We can probably expect a fair amount of string changes being put in
before the string freeze, and far fewer afterwards.)

We are considering setting up a Wiki type thing to help us document and
coordinate things.

I have a glossary in progress at
http://muse.19inch.net/~daf/gnome-cy/geirfa.html. This might get
consumed by the Wiki if such a thing happens. You should follow this
glossary, or complain! Suggestions for additions are always welcome.

I don't think I've missed anything out.

As I mentioned earlier, I am away betwen sometime today and Saturday the
2nd of August.

Now is the time to go flat out, because we will be able to relax a bit
after the 2.4 release! I'r Gad!


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