Re: [gnome-cy] I'r Gad! changeover

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 05:26:24PM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Almost all 5000+ strings that were on I'r Gad! have been translated, 

Good heavens.

> I am in the rather embarassing position now of trying to turn the 
> files over fast enough to keep up with these guys - Owain is even 
> doing half of the checking-in!

I know the feeling...
> I have sent Epiphany to Telsa for commit.  

Right, this time I have committed it within a reasonable time!

> I'm off on hols for a fortnight at the end of this week, so to 
> ensure that I am not embarassed by 100% completion when I come 
> back (and so that Dafydd will not think I am artificially 
> truncating sub-projects to make good news stories :-), I have 
> added a bunch of new files from kdepim and kdenetwork, along with 
> the monstrous Evo.

I am giggling at Evo at the moment. I had a look at strings left
to do it in via Kartouche, and it asked me in a row for "Prof",
"Man" ...and then "Ass". (We think it must be assistant.)

I shall check that last string particularly when it gets done :) 

> If there is any Gnome material along these lines, up to the value 
> of around 5,000 strings (this will mean that each desktop has 
> around 7,500 strings), and you want it loaded, can Telsa send it 
> to me?

Surely. Probably tomorrow, though, I think..
> This makes a longer list of files than I would normally like, but 
> no matter on this occasion.  Who knows, Dewi and Rhoslyn may do 
> such a good job at the Eisteddfod that a new band of helpers may 
> arrive to munch their way through these (Owain, Keith and Gruff 
> should be tiring slightly by then ....) :-)

Enjoy your holidays. 


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