[gnome-cy] I'r Gad! changeover

Almost all 5000+ strings that were on I'r Gad! have been translated, thanks to 
Owain, Keith and Gruff, and some dilettante efforts of my own.  Gruff is 
ticking over nicely, but who let Keith loose?  I want some of what he's on!  
And Owain did another 1262 strings off-line as a side-dish.  I begin to 
suspect that "Owain Green" is a pseudonym for a small villageful of earnest 
Welsh enthusiasts in a secluded valley somewhere, who are working around the 
clock in shifts ...

I am in the rather embarassing position now of trying to turn the files over 
fast enough to keep up with these guys - Owain is even doing half of the 

I have sent Epiphany to Telsa for commit.  All other completed files have been 
committed to KDE central - unfortunately their MySQL server seemed to have a 
dose of the head-staggers last night, and didn't do the stats run.  But if it 
goes through tonight, we should see KDE 100% supported, with 30%+ of the 
files translated.  Gnome shouldn't be far short of this either.  This is 
pretty good in less than 5 months, and I personally want to say a big 
thank-you to all the contributors who have made a go of this.  We have 
certainly met the initial target of a working Welsh desktop by the 

I'm off on hols for a fortnight at the end of this week, so to ensure that I 
am not embarassed by 100% completion when I come back (and so that Dafydd 
will not think I am artificially truncating sub-projects to make good news 
stories :-), I have added a bunch of new files from kdepim and kdenetwork, 
along with the monstrous Evo.  If there is any Gnome material along these 
lines, up to the value of around 5,000 strings (this will mean that each 
desktop has around 7,500 strings), and you want it loaded, can Telsa send it 
to me?

This makes a longer list of files than I would normally like, but no matter on 
this occasion.  Who knows, Dewi and Rhoslyn may do such a good job at the 
Eisteddfod that a new band of helpers may arrive to munch their way through 
these (Owain, Keith and Gruff should be tiring slightly by then ....) :-)

Best wishes


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