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On Dydd Llun 21 Gorfennaf 2003 4:37 yp, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> I still need to put a coherent set of instructions for getting the daily
> mo tarball working. There are two parts to it:
> 	- Setting up a Welsh locale, which can involve doing things like
> 	  generating a locale definition with localedef. Part of this is
> 	  working out whether you need to do it in the first place.
> 	  Another part of it is telling stuff to use that locale.
> 	- Finding out where to unpack the tarball so that programs will
> 	  find it.
> Both of these can be distribution specific or indeed operating sytem
> specific. I'm still amazed at how somebody turned up on IRC with a
> screenshot of Evolution running on FreeBSD in Welsh the very day after
> we did the work.

I'd be interested in seeing your instructions when you finish them - the KDE 
tarball I do has instructions, but they can always do with being expanded.

> We've been wrestling with terminology a bit. Off the top of my head,
> these are some of the things we've encountered:
> 	- We have switched over to using "penbwrdd" for "desktop". I
> 	  think this one is pretty much settled.


> 	- We are using "hoffterau" for "preferences". This is mainly
> 	  because I found it in Geiriadur yr Academi. Most occurrences
> 	  of "hoffiannau" have been replaced.

Oh, you rotter - it was you started us using "hoffiannau".

> 	- We are using "rhaglen" for "application" instead of
> 	  "cymhwysiad". This is mainly because I think it is a more
> 	  accessible term. Feedback we got at the Linux Awareness day
> 	  agrees with this. I've always thought that the distinction
> 	  between a program and an application is fairly arbitrary
> 	  anyway.

What about places where you might be talking about the constituent programs of 
an application?  Eg with the new KDE Kolab, which is basically a wrapper to 
make an Exchange-like thing out of existing apps like KMail, KOrganiser, etc.  
And accessibility is a matter of exposure, I think.  But I'm not a 
first-language speaker, so ....

> 	- We are using "plygell" rather than "ffold(e)r" for "folder".


> 	- We have recently started using "sefydlu" rather than "gosod"
> 	  for "install". This is because "gosod" is also used for
> 	  "set" and "mount" and I thought it would be unhealthy for one
> 	  word to be so overloaded and I think "sefydlu" (or
> 	  "ymsefydlu") and "sefydliad" (or "ymsefydliad") have the right
> 	  connotations.

I agree with the "mount" point - using something like "mowntio" (which doesn't 
even follow the rules of Welsh phonology) is sub-optimal.  But I've sort of 
grown used to my old friend "gosod".
> 	- We are using "cadw" for "save" rather than "arbed".


> 	- We are using "system" rather than "cysawd". I think it is a
> 	  more accessible term.

Interesting.  There is also the argument that if an actual Welsh word exists, 
it should be used in preference to one that is not Welsh.  Re accessibility, 
see above.

> 	- We are using "cyfluniad" rather than "ffurfweddiad". Again,
> 	  this is partly based on Geiriadur yr Academi. I think it also
> 	  verbs better.

Hmmm .....

> 	- We are using "ffont" rather than "wynebfath" for "font".

So was I.  But Owain and some others have been using "wynebfath", and it's 
beginning to grow on me.
> 	- I'm planning to start using "priodwedd" rather than
> 	  "priodoledd" for "property" (or was it attribute? maybe
> 	  both?).

Well, I have a bit of paper beside my desk where I have priodwedd=property, 
and priodoledd=attribute, cos I keep forgetting them (even Y Termiadur isn't 
consistent - in two cases it translates priodwedd as attribute).

> None of these are set in stone. Feel free to read "I" for "We" above.
> Some of the above was done in an experimental mood, to see how well it
> worked. There are more terms which are problematic which I don't want to
> go into right now, but I think I've got most of the ones that have come
> up recently.

Do you have any little scraps of perl, mayhap, which might help do a global 
search and replace over a whole directory?

> (I not have a working GNOME installation built from CVS for the purposes
> of being able to better test the translations. It really is good for
> spotting problems.)

Yes, you only see wacko things when they're in front of your eyes.

> > (browser)		epiphany: In Kyfieithu now.

And Keith seems to have finished translating it .....  Well done, that lad!

> It would be nice to know "Daniel"'s surname. He has been credited in at
> least on place a "Daniel", quotes included!

Don't know, I'm afraid - he did some strings right at the beginning, before 
I'd set up the Hall of Fame, but never contacted me.

Pob hwyl


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