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Ysgrifennodd Dafydd Harries:
Epiphany, like Galeon, is a web browser based on GTK+ and Mozilla, but
with usability and GNOME integration as goals. (This means it follows
the GNOME Human Interface Guidlines (HIG).) It will be an official
part of GNOME as of the 2.4 release of GNOME.

Yes, one nice thing about the gettext system is that it's tolerant
towards changes between releases.

How does one modify these DTDs? In a text editor, or is there a special
You either use MozillaTranslator or write your own. I wrote a MozillaTranslatorTranslator (the extra translator because it can convert the DTDs to and from other L10N file formats like po) You can see changes in the DTDs from any language pack immediately back in the app when you restart it if you follow the instructions at the bottom of the following page.: ('How To Translate Mozilla MTT')

Thanks for filling me in on Epiphany.


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