Re: [gnome-cy] Epiphany

On Dydd Iau 01 Ionawr 1970 1:00 yb, Dewi Jones wrote:
> Anyway, I've never heard of epiphany sorry, but if it helps I can forward
> to whoever all the strings from Mozilla 1.4 in po format. (Mozilla L10N
> doesn't use po files but DTDs. They're tightly integrated with the XML
> files used to describe the UI (XUL) in Mozilla and easily breakable. ie.
> they're release specific (look in any of the contents.rdf files))

Yes, it makes you wonder sometimes whether the latest fluffy idea is actually 
better than older, but pretty robust, ideas.  I'm sure it makes your work a 
lot harder.

> In fact I've alrady sent Kevin the translations from N7.0/Mozilla 1.0 for
> inclusion into Omnivore if that's of any help.

Yes, they're already in there.


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