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On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 04:31:38PM +0100, Dewi Jones wrote:
> Helo Telsa, 
> We will bring out real soon a Welsh language pack for Mozilla 1.4. Rhoslyn is at the moment bogged under with an OpenOffice1.1   translations deadline for tomorrow to have time to translate any new strings. We'll also have a Netscape 7.1 in Welsh.
> Anyway, I've never heard of epiphany sorry, but if it helps I can forward to whoever all the strings from Mozilla 1.4 in po format. (Mozilla L10N doesn't use po files but DTDs. They're tightly integrated with the XML files used to describe the UI (XUL) in Mozilla and easily breakable. ie. they're release specific (look in any of the contents.rdf files)) 

Epiphany, like Galeon, is a web browser based on GTK+ and Mozilla, but
with usability and GNOME integration as goals. (This means it follows
the GNOME Human Interface Guidlines (HIG).) It will be an official
part of GNOME as of the 2.4 release of GNOME.

Yes, one nice thing about the gettext system is that it's tolerant
towards changes between releases.

How does one modify these DTDs? In a text editor, or is there a special

> In fact I've alrady sent Kevin the translations from N7.0/Mozilla 1.0 for inclusion into Omnivore if that's of any help. 

Good idea!


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