Re: [gnome-cy] New KGyfieithu sub-project: Attack!

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 03:19:27PM +0100, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> > group at the moment are filling gaps in gnome-applets, metacity,
> > nautilus, gnome-games, etc. These are all important packages (yes,
> > gnome-games is important) which are still less than 50% complete.
> Didn't Owain finish gnome-applets?  He certainly did 100% of whatever it was 
> we had.

Ah, yes, hadn't merged that yet. Merged, the 2.3 po file is 53% done.
There have been many string changes in that package, and I don't think
it's over yet.

> > If you're looking for things in desktop that haven't been started upon
> > yet, I would suggest epiphany, a web browser for GNOME which
> > concentrates on usability and integration with the rest of the desktop.
> Fine, send me epiphany.

> > Not sure how easy doing a partial translation of Evolution would be -
> > you might miss out some of the most important strings as you're
> > splitting up the file.
> Possibly, but you chaps can sort that out <grin>.  All I mean is that with Evo 
> being 6,389 strings, that's far too many to put up as one file - people could 
> spend an evening doing translations, and hardly see the bar move at all.  No 
> use.  Alan said earlier it might be possible to segment it, but if not, I'll 
> just put up chunks about 800 strings long.

It's less of a problem if you'r putting it all up. I was just worried
that a subset of it would be on Kyfieithu and we'd end up with an
incomplete translation despite the Attack! (Ymosod?) subproject being
declared a success.


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