Re: [gnome-cy] New KGyfieithu sub-project: Attack!

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 12:40:58PM +0100, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> file-roller
> gcalctool
> gdm2
> ggv
> gnomemeeting
> gok
> gucharmap
> libgtop
> procman
> totem

I am not sure if this selection reflects our priorities. As Alan
mentioned, file-roller and gdm2 have been started upon. ggv is not
really an important app, although if we do it it would make sense to do
gpdf too. Things like gcalctool and procman are not programs that
average users are going to use much. My main priorities in the desktop
group at the moment are filling gaps in gnome-applets, metacity,
nautilus, gnome-games, etc. These are all important packages (yes,
gnome-games is important) which are still less than 50% complete.

If you're looking for things in desktop that haven't been started upon
yet, I would suggest epiphany, a web browser for GNOME which
concentrates on usability and integration with the rest of the desktop.
At 675 strings, it's a manageable size. If we translate that, GNOME users will
have a Welsh web browser without having to install a language pack the
existence of which they might not be aware of (which is the case with

Evolution is a major application. Having it in Welsh would be a major

> These are all files that nobody seems to have started on yet, but they add up 
> to 3,413 strings, which should make a good dent in what needs to be done in 
> the "desktop" package if you are to get Gnome to 90%.

According to, it's 80% we need to be a supported

> Can I also suggest that someone then pulls some bit(s) out of Evo that will 
> make up another 1,600 or so strings, so that we will have the usual rough 
> 50/50 split, and I can also justify my definition of Attack! (moving on to 
> desktop functionality such as email and organiser).

Well, evolution is both email and organizer. Web browsing is important
desktop functionality.

Not sure how easy doing a partial translation of Evolution would be -
you might miss out some of the most important strings as you're
splitting up the file.


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