Re: [gnome-cy] New KGyfieithu sub-project: Attack!

On Maw, 2003-07-15 at 12:40, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> file-roller

I believe Chris has started on this

> gdm2

Dafydd on this

> ggv

Mostly obsolete

> gnomemeeting
> gok
> gucharmap
> libgtop
> procman
> totem

Evolution is more important than these IMHO, as for that matter is
something like gaim

> Can I also suggest that someone then pulls some bit(s) out of Evo that will 
> make up another 1,600 or so strings, so that we will have the usual rough 
> 50/50 split, and I can also justify my definition of Attack! (moving on to 
> desktop functionality such as email and organiser).

I still think evolution alone is the better target for this

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