Re: [gnome-cy] Aurfa/Krowbar - a Welsh dictionary server

On Thursday 18 December 2003 6:12 pm, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> I fully agree that the material should be freely available, but just
> because it *should* doesn't mean it *is*.

How the "should" gets translated to "is" is the difficult question ...

> I don't know about these hypothetical cases. But again, even if it is a
> "grey area", it's not safe to assume that it's OK to do as you like.

Indeed.  But these cases are quite relevant - without them, the first 
dictionary to correlate a word in one language with a word in another would  
own that correlation - not unlike a software patent.

> Well, Mark Nodine is the person you need to contact least of all,
> because he has given permission for the use of his dictionary. 

Not to me :-)

> Are you aware of other work in this area? There's a Welsh dictionary for
> aspell (aspell-cy Debian package) and there's an english-welsh
> dictionary (dictd-freedict-eng-wel Debian package) for the dictd
> dictionary server (dictd Debian package). All these are freely
> available. The dict protocol is established and open and has a number of
> free clients. (See

Yes, I looked at the dict stuff (and I think the Welsh list is even in 
Omnivore somewhere, back before I started noting the source).  But I don't 
see the benefit of running a separate protocol when http can do the job more 
easily.  A lot of the stuff is pretty cobwebby as well, which suggests others 
have come to the same conclusion.  I haven't got around to the aspell stuff 


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly - Meddalwedd Rydd yn Gymraeg

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