[gnome-cy] Travesty in Golwg ...

The good news is that this week's Golwg has half a page on the Welsh 
desktop (of which 3/8 are taken up by a pic and a pointless wordlist). 
As you can tell, the good news ends there: 
- the detailed (but over-simplified) material that was sent is completely 
mangled, and then attributed to me; 
- Gnome and KDE aren't even mentioned, and there has been a valiant 
attempt to grapple with the concept of Linux, which ended in defeat; 
- there's the apparently obligatory "oh gosh, someone Irish who's interested 
in Welsh"; 
- no mention of wider contributions, even though a whole list of names and 
emails was sent; 
- no reference to the increasing use of free software (or even a mention of 
it), in spite of 2 pages of web references; 
- the pic chosen (out of 8 I sent, including the one from Telsa's page) has a 
big chunk of English in it, with no explanation of what the application does 
(it's Rosegarden actually); 
- most hilarious of all (I can't help laughing at this) there is absolutely no 
mention of the website address, or a contact email, or anything - duh!   
So 1 out of 10 for Golwg, I think - Steff, who's only 12, would have written 
a better article than this, and he wouldn't have had to be paid at the end of 
the week!  It points up the comments made earlier here about Golwg's 
"house style" - my only concern is that they're getting such a large grant to 
produce this sort of quality.  I begin to suspect that the only way of getting 
your story into Golwg without it being mangled is to take out a full-page ad 
...  It certainly raises doubts about the wisdom of using them for CD 
Still, looking on the slightly less overcast side, this is a reference in print in 
a Welsh periodical (as we might describe it in our kinder moments), and the 
aim has to be to build on this woeful foundation.  The first thing I need to do 
is get them to print the address in next week's Golwg.  Perhaps one or two 
of you might send interested emails saying what a good idea this desktop 
thing is, and could Golwg keep an eye on how it develops?  The 
"supported" press release will be going out next week, so that might prompt 
something.  (And I think this underlines again that we need to get something 
out at least every 3-4 weeks, with only one message on each one - media 
people obviously only have 4Kb of brain storage.)   
By the way, things are not going as smoothly as they might at Castle 
Dingbat, since my main HDD crashed yesterday.  It was one of those 
dodgy IBM 40Gb ones I got 2 years ago.   
Best wishes 

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