[gnome-cy] Welsh translation of GNOME essentials complete!

The GNOME-CY team are very pleased to announced that all of the essential
strings for GNOME 2.4 have been translated into Welsh! Since our first commit
to CVS on the 5th of May, we have translated 16,642 strings in 53 modules.

We would like to thank:
 - The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary
 - Kevin Donnelly, Kyfieithu, his web-based translation interface, and
   everybody who contributed through it
 - The Freenode network for hosting our IRC channel (#gnome-cy)
 - Members of other GNOME localization teams for their support
 - GNOME developers who were responsive to our requests for help with difficult
 - All those who have given us feedback and encouragement

All of these things have helped make this accomplishment possible, or at least

Among others, the GNOME-CY team includes, in alphabetical order:

 - Gareth Bowker
 - Steve Griff
 - Telsa Gwynne
 - Dafydd Harries
 - Chris Jackson
 - Bryn Salisbury
 - Keith Willoughby

For more information on the GNOME-CY effort, you can visit our website:


Screenshots are available at


Today also sees the launch of cymruarlinux.org.uk, a site devoted to free
software in Welsh on Linux:


We're now looking forward to the 2.4 release and are setting our sights on the
rest of GNOME!

	- The Sinister Left-Handed Welsh GNOME Cabal (TINC)

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