[gnome-cy] po translation

Having a quick look at the translation I would say it's pretty good. Congratulations!
In considering terminology I've used the list of terms in Cysill and Y Termiadur Ysgol which are the 'recognised' terms for use in schools for GCSE. I was hoping they may be recognisable for a portion of the Welsh speaking population... For terms that are not there I've used the New Oxford English Dictionary,asked friends and used terms that plumbers and builders, etc.would naturally use in Welsh, e.g. install a toilet - gosod ty bach 
Po files of the translation of Mandrake Linux are available from the website by clicking onthe individual file percentage on page http://www.mandrakelinux.com/l10n/cy.php3. These can be used for rough translation of new po files in kbabel, etc.
I've tended to use poEdit as it works in Windows. This is a pragmatic step as Cysill, Cysgair and Y Termiadur only work in Windows. I've tried to verify most of the stringsfor gramatical errors and typos in Cysill, but there are still errors due to the tight deadlines Mandrake operate to, the size of the task and my incompetence. Still, it's fun and I think it looks good...
For more info see meddal.org.uk :-)

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