Re: [gnome-cy] Ok here isa first inept attempt at the Gnome glossary

On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 21:26, Alan Cox wrote:
> And yes it has one joke entry so I can find out how many people checked
> it. Its not complete. Someone who learned Maths in Welsh and someone
> familiar with Welsh printing terms are needed really.
> The computing terminology I've resolved in roughly the following order
> Existing (rather dead) KDE translation choices
> Existing (very dead) abiword translation choices
> Recent Dictionary
> Fydd word list
> Bangor dictionary of computing terms

Cheers for that. I've had a quick look through it and while there are a
few errors, it on the whole looks good. I suppose seeing as I'm
"inbetween jobs" I've got a fair amount of time right now. I'll take a
better look at it tomorrow and fill in some more of the blanks.

Thanks again,


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