Using translation databases to speed up translating

I'm not sure whether everybody is aware of using Translation Databases /
Translation Memories to fasten up translating, hence posting it here.
It could make sense to discuss best practices...

Last weekend I tested "poedit" which can create a database from all
existing (czech) .mo files available on the system (as far as I know
gtranslator also supports this, and probably other applications out
there). After doing this you can open a po file and run "Catalog >
Automatically translate using TM".
You will get many msgstr's inserted, all marked as fuzzy. Many of them
probably don't make sense, while some of them should fit (hence it's
only about removing the "fuzzy" comment line) or will only need some
slight modifications.
This can save a lot of time, especially for new documentation .po files
and when translating a module for the very first time.

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