Re: gnome-packagekit prelozen


Honza Steuer píše v Čt 19. 06. 2008 v 18:15 +0200:
> tak uz mam prelozeny gnome-packagekit. 

pardon me speaking english, but my czech is just too bad. :-D

#: ../src/gpk-client-requires.c:132
msgid "%i other packages depends on these packages"
msgstr "%i dalších balíčků závisí na těchto balíčcích"

what if %i is between 2 and 4?
isn't that "%i další balíčky závisí na těchto balíčcích" then?

what i generally want to say: if you see messages in po files that have
a %i placeholder and plural terms, please file a bug against the
application (with L10N keyword set) to use proper ngettext support and
point to
(i already sent an email complaining in this special case.)

and if I'm once again totally wrong here, then please correct me and
teach me czech grammar! ;-) So, in any kind of case:

Diký moc!,

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