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В Пнд, 21/03/2005 в 15:09 +0100, mammique пишет:
> Hello,
> i'm trying to fork Yelp to create a dedicated helper application for a
> LiveCD (, i already modified some code inside Yelp to make a
> different interface,

Do you really need this? What was wrong with old Yelp interface?
Probably you 
need just to extend yelp interface, no?

>  but when i run it, it still use Yelp Bonobo pid (as
> i understand), so MyApp and Yelp are handeled as the same application
> inside Gnome, and each new window of Yelp or MyApp are the same.

You mean that Yelp interface and new Garbure interface now implemented
in the same binary, don't you?

>  To
> separate them (i need to run Yelp and MyApp at the same time), i
> replaced "Yelp/YELP/yelp" by "Garbure/GARBURE/garbure", inside the Yelp
> code, and renamed the files as well. 

Not sure that file renaming is needed.

> It configures and compiles well,
> orbit-idl-2 produces good "#define" (as i think) :
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_6 'G'
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_7 'a'
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_8 'r'
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_9 'b'
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_10 'u'
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_11 'r'
> #define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_12 'e'
> but when i run it it fails about Bonobo error :
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> $ LANG=C ./garbure
> (garbure:25755): Bonobo-CRITICAL **: file bonobo-running-context.c: line
> 453 (bonobo_running_context_auto_exit_unref): assertion `object != NULL'
> failed
> Garbure-ERROR **: Could not activate Garbure: 'Error checking error; no
> exception'
> aborting...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

That already shows that you have some problems, why not try to debug it,
just start garbure under gdb and put breakpoint on g_log. that backtrace
should tell you something about problem. From the first look it seems
that factory creation is failed, probably you've forgot to rename

> Can anybody tell me where i'm wrong ? I don't understand well this
> mecanism, i don't know what else to do except s/Yelp/Garbure/g to tell
> Bonobo that those 2 apps are different.
> Thank you.
> Best regards.

The main point is that renaming isn't needed at all. I think if you can
give us a link to your code it would be much easier to solve  your

> Camille.
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