Re: Yelp fork bonobo

В Втр, 22/03/2005 в 10:59 +0100, mammique пишет:
> No because this new interface looks different than Yelp, and if it is
> run before Yelp then Yelp new window looks like Garbure, and vice
> i need normal Yelp and Garbure different and running at the same time.
> do not want to replace Yelp, just to have a different application
> on it running at the same time.
> > 

I was talking about Yelp CORBA interface, described in GNOME_Yelp.idl

> > >  but when i run it, it still use Yelp Bonobo pid (as
> > > i understand), so MyApp and Yelp are handeled as the same
> > > inside Gnome, and each new window of Yelp or MyApp are the same.
> > 
> > You mean that Yelp interface and new Garbure interface now
> > in the same binary, don't you?
> > 
> Not really, i launche my Yelp-fork localy :
> /home/mammique/garbure/garbure-board/yelp-2.6.5/src/yelp
> But i have gnome installed on my system, so if i hit F1 on my Gnome
> applications, it uses this running binary instead of running real Yelp
> on my system, that the look and feel are different.
> > >  To
> > > separate them (i need to run Yelp and MyApp at the same time), i
> > > replaced "Yelp/YELP/yelp" by "Garbure/GARBURE/garbure", inside the
> > > code, and renamed the files as well. 
> > 

Well, now I see what you want to do. Sorry, really unusual task. If you
are going to develop completely different program, it's really better to
rename "yelp" to garbure everywhere, just use sed for it :) If your
renaming will be complete, you should get completely different program,
that behaves like yelp and where you can do all changes you want. For
example, remove gecko and use gtkhtml :)

If you have problems with bonobo activation that means that your setup
isn't full. For example, I see that you've installed garbure into custom
directory. Check that bonobo-activation-server can find
GNOME_Garbure.server file or adjust it with BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH and
reload with killall bonobo-activation-server. If you'll have some
problems with renamed version, make it available somewhere, I can look.

What should be there. You should install your component description
(.server file)
into directory that bonobo-activation-server reads
(/usr/lib/bonobo/servers or $BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH). When your
application starts first, it queries b-a-s for
running instances of your component. If there is no such instances, it
registers one with apropriate OAFIID. When there is remote call to your
component to create a new window. Everything is simple.

Maintaining of such big project would be quite difficult task. Probably,
all those features can go into yelp itself, what do yelp developers
think about it? If the question is just in UI and one additional command
line option I think there is no need to fork. 

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