Yelp fork bonobo


i'm trying to fork Yelp to create a dedicated helper application for a
LiveCD (, i already modified some code inside Yelp to make a
different interface, but when i run it, it still use Yelp Bonobo pid (as
i understand), so MyApp and Yelp are handeled as the same application
inside Gnome, and each new window of Yelp or MyApp are the same. To
separate them (i need to run Yelp and MyApp at the same time), i
replaced "Yelp/YELP/yelp" by "Garbure/GARBURE/garbure", inside the Yelp
code, and renamed the files as well. It configures and compiles well,
orbit-idl-2 produces good "#define" (as i think) :

#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_6 'G'
#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_7 'a'
#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_8 'r'
#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_9 'b'
#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_10 'u'
#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_11 'r'
#define TC_IMPL_TC_GNOME_Garbure_12 'e'

but when i run it it fails about Bonobo error :

$ LANG=C ./garbure

(garbure:25755): Bonobo-CRITICAL **: file bonobo-running-context.c: line
453 (bonobo_running_context_auto_exit_unref): assertion `object != NULL'

Garbure-ERROR **: Could not activate Garbure: 'Error checking error; no

Can anybody tell me where i'm wrong ? I don't understand well this
mecanism, i don't know what else to do except s/Yelp/Garbure/g to tell
Bonobo that those 2 apps are different.

Thank you.

Best regards.


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