Re: Bonobo Unique Application v5

Hi there,

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 16:58, diego pemas net wrote:
> >   That would be interesting.  Need some time, though.  [offtopic: I also
> > think it would be nice to improve the bonoboui toolbar customization
> > dialog]
> Is there any plan to migrate the toolbar and menubar en BonoboUI to the
> new widgets in GTK+?

	Yes - that badly needs doing - and it isn't getting done currently -
due to a lack of hands.

	The outline sketch for what needs doing:

	a) Implement an interface for the new code
		+ should be a 'transparent' proxy allowing just putting
		  a CORBA transport in between [ preferably using the
		  same IDL interface ].
		+ gtk+ methods should be used for merging the stuff 
	b) Implement a compatibility layer
		+ ensure that old-style UI XML can be merged in 
		  correctly without problems
	c) Bin huge chunks of the old UI merging stuff :-) this is the
	   fun bit - re-implementing it in terms of the new UI handler
	d) Start fixing the inevitable horror problems / inefficiencies
	   this will throw up in the UI handling code, make Evo. able to
	   switch component without ghastly flash/bang etc.

	If you want to work on this - please do :-)



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