Re: Bonobo Unique Application v5

Hi Gustavo,

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 22:27, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
> 	Here's a fresh new patch to implement the "unique application" feature,
> already discussed in this list.

	OK, unfortunately I havn't had time to review this as thoroughly as I'd
like. However - I'd like the functionality, if you can commit time to
fixing a few things up before 2.6 then please commit it with the
following changes:

	* bin redundant g_warnings on misc. methods
	* remove over commenting - just a few too many here and there
	* the new-instance thing should be a special case separate 
	  method on the IDL I think (discuss this one)
	* would it be nice to have a 'getAppName' thing on the interface
	  for a GUI tool to allow poking at running apps ?

> 	Minor Changes:
> 		1. No longer uses BonoboArg<->GValue conversion functions, since their
> API basically sucks; instead I created new functions for the same
> purpose, albeit based on the old ones.

	If you have a better API for this (doing allocation) please expose it
in bonobo-arg.h (I'd like to see the patch for that first). Also, we
should really add an API to allow register/unregister external
conversion functions:

	bonobo_arg_add_conversion (GType, to_arg_fn, from_arg_fn);

	or somesuch; so we can do more powerful stuff nicely (perhaps in
libbonoboui) eg. GdkPixbuf <-> CORBA_any (etc.).

>		2. A GValue containing a CORBA::any is now transported through CORBA
> as one CORBA::any inside another CORBA::any. 

	Sounds fine.

	My other concern is that we need to beef up the
bonobo-activation-server stuff. I'd quite like you to write a tweaking
tool that allows people to list the running servers, and poke at their
messages [ if that's feasible ]. I'm particularly interested in the
multi-display, multi-lang / that sort of angle on all this. Currently
b-a-s is not good at dealing with these sort of uniqueness factors in a
sensible way I think.

	Anyway, thanks for this - it looks nice :-)



 michael ximian com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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