Re: Bonobo Unique Application v5.1

Hi Gustavo,

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 15:03, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
> 	Michael, I just realized this is not possible.  Since BonoboApplication
> servers are register without .server file, bonobo activation queries
> will always ignore such objects.

	Good :-) I'm glad we're on the same page :-)

>   I even thought about making
> bonobo-activation-server make up a ServerInfo structure for such
> anonymous object, but then we'd need to guess the server properties, and
> it starts feeling like a hack.  The way I see it, we have 3 choices:

> 	1. Don't do this, assume it is not possible to list running
> BonoboApplication's;

	This sucks :-) [ of course ]

> 	2. Require that applications install .server files;

	That sucks too - exactly what people are trying to avoid - it's
complicated wrt. autoconf etc.

> 	3. Include an XML string describing the server in the 'description'
> parameter of Bonobo::ObjectDirectory::register_new.

	This seems best to me. It'd take a little effort to make the clean up
the SAX parser to like this - there is some code in
libbonoboui/bonobo/bonobo-ui-node.c that handles both the 'from file'
and 'from string' parsing issues with libxml that you could easily

> 	Regarding the other stuff you asked, here's a new patch.  Notice the
> new bonobo_arg_to|from_gvalue_copy functions in bonobo-arg.c.  I won't
> commit anything until you aprove these functions, since all the rest
> depends on them.

	I guess you forgot to attach the a patch ? I'm always doing that :-)

	Great work though, just commit the _copy bits, and I'll review them



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