Re: Activation problems

Hi Seth,

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 21:43, Seth Nickell wrote:
> OK, so MonikerContext is not a straight-up BonoboObject but a
> BonoboForeignObject. I have no idea what this is... *but* there's
> special casing for BONOBO_TYPE_FOREIGN_OBJECT in bonobo-object.c that
> prevents calling the function that assigns something to the corba_objref
> member variable. Amusingly enough, in bonobo-foreign-object.c we find
> the following block of code:


>           /* The following type check is deactivated because
>            * CORBA_Object_is_a doesn't seem to work correctly,
>            * considering that it returns TRUE only if the object is
>            * exactly of type Bonobo::Unknown, and FALSE if it is of a
>            * derived type, while the CORBA spec says it should return
>            * TRUE in both cases.  Perhaps there is a bug in ORBit?.. */

	Ok - so I added some heavy-duty CORBA_Object_is_a regression tests to
ORBit2, and found no problem. Eventually I tracked it down to the fact
that the POA is not activated, so we get a transient exception as we do
the is_a invocation in-proc.

	I've special cased this 1 method in-proc, in ORBit2 - we need a better
solution later; I've also moved the check in bonobo-object to be better
placed, and I'll update the ForeignObject check too;

	I'll also try and get some releases out for 2.5.3 ;-)



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