Re: Activation problems

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 10:31, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	For the benefit of anyone reading the archives / with similar problems;
> the IDL was not correctly inheriting from Bonobo/Unknown - whereas
> Bonobo/Unknown assumes that in it's vepv construction. Thus the vpev
> pointed at one thing, and the code at another; such that the vepvcache
> wasn't built correctly for that instance, and whacked out things
> happened in-proc when invoking a method.
> 	I've added a test for this to libbonobo, unconditionally enabled with
> it's configured with --enable-debug=yes.
> 	An easy mistake to make; next time it'll be an easier one to catch I
> hope :-)

I *knew* I'd done something wrong, its one of the things I do best. :-)

	if (!CORBA_Object_is_a (BONOBO_OBJREF (object),
				"IDL:Bonobo/Unknown:1.0", NULL))
		g_error ("Attempt to instantiate non-Bonobo/Unknown "
			 "derived object via. BonoboObject");

So right now this causes failures in programs that initialize Bonobo,
which is a bad thing... The problem is (as you said) creating the
MonikerContext object. It looks like what is happening is that
object->corba_objref is NULL, which is of course causing
CORBA_Object_is_a to harf when BONOBO_OBJREF consequently returns NULL.
Is this happening too soon (i.e. before all the corba stuff is connected
together) or is something unusual about the monikercontext object? I
don't know enough about Bonobo internals etc to really be able to push
farther I think.


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