Re: Need Some idea

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 23:27, Dave Malcolm wrote:

> Yes; my gut feeling is that linking it in as a plugin is going to be the
> way to go - unless someone creates an all-singing all-dancing Bonoboised
> DOM implementation with GObject wrappers.  I, for one, don't want to do
> the work on that (unless some nice company wants to pay me!)

I'm not sure, like many of you, that this is _the_ way to go, but
bonobo-izing a DOM implementation (in our particular case gdome2) is not
as scary as it looks like. The thing is DOM has very uniform interfaces
for which XML descriptions exist (in the DOM recommendation). By having
a low-level DOM implementation such as gdome2, one is able to generate
wrappers and bindings automatically. 

The C++ binding I was referring to in a previous email, and also an
Ocaml binding, have been created this way. We've handcrafted a few basic
classes (DOMImplementation, DOMString,a couple of others), and then
written an XSLT stylesheet that generates all the rest from the W3C
specification. The results were nicely working in a few days, and we had
lots of fun (see I might try to do the
same thing as soon as I get a bit more familiar with CORBA/Glib2

-- luca

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