Re: Need Some idea

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 06:04:18PM +0000, Dave Malcolm wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 14:52, Pouria Masoudi wrote:
> > Hi every one,
> > we bonoboized partially gtkmathview,a GTK widget for rendering and
> > editing MathML markup.
> > Well for now we have just implemented the Control and PresistFile
> > interfaces,I would like to ask if some one have some idea about other
> > intresting interfaces i can implement or have other nice ways of
> > combining this components with Bonobo-aware applications.

frankly I'd rather just link with gtkmathview as a library than
trying to depend on it as a bonobo component.  I've been bitten
badly in the past by distributions not really have the framework in
place to manage component level dependencies.  They tended to make
them reccomendations becuase there was no direct linkage.  Which
made it impossible to depend on the component existing.
> IIRC, gtkmathview is based on GTK 1.*    Am I correct? If so then I
> believe a GTK 2.* port of gtkmathview would be more useful to me for
> less of your effort than a bonobo-isation.
Really ?
> (ii) Does Bonobo allow me to embed widgets created using GTK1.* inside a
> container built using GTK2.* ?

no.  gtk1 corresponded to bonobo1 which does not interoperate with
bonobo2 (was this due to problems in ORBit1 ?)

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