Re: GGV 1.1.96

> 	Then - somehow the CORBA reference of the ControlFrame is getting
> corrupted; I've no idea how - it's quite a trick to do it since it's all
> created inside the BonoboWidget code.
Always good news from you:)

> 	The ControlFrame reference has got corrupted; or some ORB internals got
> corrupted, or something else.
:) "Or something else" sounds promising:)))

> 	I suggest cutting out all of your code that does clever things, and
> adding it back in to binary chop the problem out.
OK. What I done is removed my own uicontainer and now:  

newChild = bonobo_widget_new_control( psFileMoniker, CORBA_OBJECT_NIL );

if( newChild != NULL )        // some error?
  Bonobo_Unknown unknown =
      bonobo_widget_get_objref( BONOBO_WIDGET( newChild ) );
  Bonobo_Zoomable zoomable = Bonobo_Zoomable_queryInterface( unknown,
                                       NULL );
  Bonobo_Control control = Bonobo_Control_queryInterface( unknown,
                                        NULL );
  gtk_container_add( GTK_CONTAINER( frame ), newChild );
  if( zoomable != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL )
    // some work with zoomable - no problems here
    isZoomable = True;

  gtk_widget_show_all( newChild );
  Bonobo_Control_activate( control, True, NULL );

But it still hangs on Bonobo_Control_activate call. Without it
everything works OK. So I cannot activate Bonobo_Control without getting
this authentication exception:( So my question is what's so special
about Bonobo_Control_activate? Can it be some problem with ggv's
implementation of it?



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