Re: GGV 1.1.96

> 	Looks like you should pass in the Bonobo_UIContainer CORBA object
> reference instead of a BonoboUIContainer BonoboObject reference, so you
> need to add a BONOBO_OBJREF (xkbuicont) in there.
Just done this. No effect:

XkbUIContainer *xkbuicont = xkb_ui_container_new(  );
BonoboUIEngine *uie = bonobo_ui_engine_new();
Bonobo_Unknown buuicont = BONOBO_OBJREF( xkbuicont );

  bonobo_ui_container_set_engine( BONOBO_UI_CONTAINER( xkbuicont ), uie
  newChild = bonobo_widget_new_control( psFileMoniker, buuicont );

And still get

ORBit-WARNING **: Request getUIHandler, ID -1073819636 was rejected by
the authentication mechanism!

Adding references with bonobo_object_ref( buuicont ) does not help

Really crying here,


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