Re: GGV 1.1.96

> > How do you think - will it be OK if I just call Bonobo_Control_activate
> > myself? I have all the parameters for it already...
> 	Yes fine,
But someone thinks differently:).
I call this method straight after creation of my container and the
control. And my application freezes at this point (at least from X's
point of view). Before the death, I get this in console:

[1025718565,125,xkb_capplet_preview.c:XkbCappletPreviewClicked/] 	ctl:

ORBit-WARNING **: Request getUIHandler, ID -1073819636 was rejected by
the authentication mechanism!

The first line is mine, it is the output just before the ..._activate
call - and it shows the Bonobo_Control. Then I get this ORBit warning
and full stop. Any ideas? 


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