Re: Bonobo UI stuff

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Michael Meeks wrote:

> > One "issue" here is that it might be nice to have it use gnome-vfs, so
> > that if we do at some point add the webdav capability we won't be 
> > directly pulling in neon but it would be done by gnome-vfs so all
> > gnome apps would get webdav access easily...
>         I don't understand you. But consider that gnome-vfs has no
> libbonobo dependency - so you can't put a CORBA image factory / handling  
> stuff in there. Secondly it seems somewhat ludicrous to me to put image   
> handling inside a file access abstraction.        

IN there? No, this is definately not what I meant up there 8-) By 'have it
use gnome-vfs' I did not mean any kind of code changes to gnome-vfs but
merely making use of it (as in 'calling functions residing in the libary
called ...').

>         In conclusion, the idea of sending URL's via the CORBA wire is
> evil.  Having them in the XML is do-able, but only really if they are
> converted on the client side to a stream / coded representation. Martin's

I was specificly talking about XML and URIs and nothing at all about
sending anything over any kind of transport, be it wire, socket or
something else, except for mentioning potential use of gnome-vfs. 


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>                 Michael.
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