Re: Okay to commit? PATCH to bonobo-activation -- adds glib-gettextizesupport and migrates to meet Gnome 2.0 Porting Guiderecommendations.

Miles Lane <miles megapathdsl net> writes: 
> You are right, of course.  Regarding needing the new autoconf
> version, I am just applying the changes recommended in the 
> Gnome 2.0 Porting Guide, so I expect that all the packages
> ported to Gnome 2.0 will require the same version of autoconf.
> This isn't a problem, is it?

IMO it's pretty needlessly annoying and raises a barrier to entry; new
autoconf hasn't shipped in all distributions yet.

Last I checked only libglade and one other package (eel or librsvg I
think) required the new one, and they were very trivially patchable so
they didn't require it.


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