Re: ORBit2 idl-compiler headers not installed

Hi Murray,

On 6 Dec 2001, Murray Cumming wrote:
> I'm making a first attempt at building ORBitC++ with ORBit2, but it
> needs headers such as orbit-idl2.h in ORBit2's idl-compiler directory,
> which aren't installed.

        Sounds like great work :-) wow.

> I've found some messages in the archive with unhelpful text such as
> "apparently it isn't used' and 'I'm not even sure if idl compiler
> backends are working.'

        Fair comments in fact :-) I think we stripped the 'backend'
capability in it's shlib form from orbit-idl in the last revision.

> If it really shouldn't be installed, can someone explain why, and
> suggest alternatives? Bear in mind that I have very little idea how
> ORBit and/or its backends work, but I'm willing to learn.

        I'd be most interested to see the ORBitC++ code that you have, and
I'm sure Mark and I would be happy to help port it to ORBit2 - if it's
merely a matter of an IDL compiler backend - that's something we could
trivialy fold back into ORBit2 itself in fact - since it would add no new



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